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EURODUNA Rohstoffe

EURODUNA Rohstoffe GmbH is located in the countryside close to the famous Hamburg harbour and operates as global partner for the feed industry and specialist for unique ingredients.


Our Feed Your Brain seminar will take place in Bramsche from October 11th - 12th, 2023. It deals with the topics of piglet, young poultry and calf nutrition. For further information, please contact us personally.

Kea Werner is responsible for Business Development for us since February 1st, 2023.

Fair trades

FIE 2023
Booth 3.0C82, Health Ingredients
28. November - 30. November
Frankfurt, Germany

IPPE 2024
30. January - 1. Feburary 2024
Atlanta, Georgia USA

Agrarunternehmertage 2024
6. Feburary - 9. Feburary 2024
Münster, Germany

German Pavilion at Agritech Expo

18. April - 20. April 2024
Chisamba, Zambia

SPACE 2024

17. September - 19. September 2024
Rennes, France

Eurotier Logo

EuroTier 2024
12. November - 15. November 2024
Hannover / Germany

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