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Strong Partnership

The bilateral cooperation has thus intensified over the years with some producers that we transformed it into a firm partnership and agency. For some of the products we are partners for more than 25 years. If a long term cooperation develops into a firm partnership, depends on our trust in the products and the way the producers handles the requests and wishes of our customers and the communication with our colleagues.


G.A. TORRES is a CAROB processor company located in Valencia-Spain (EU).

Since more than 30 years offers a complete range of CAROB POWDER with the trademark CAROMIC for animal feed and with trademark CAROCHOC for food applications. Actually with the new factory of LOCUST BEAN GUM also is exporting this product around the world.

All products are obtained from the carob tree CERATONIA SILIQUA.

Bonilait Protéines

Bonilait Protéines is the French specialist in the production and formulation of fat-filled dairy ingredients.

Thanks to its technical expertise in spray drying through atomization, it provides free flowing and non hygroscopic whey powders, enriched with vegetable oils (up to 55% of fat).

With their high emulsion stability, these fat-filled whey powders are specifically dedicated to the milk replacers manufacturers.

Tereos Logo

Tereos is a leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets.

The Group's commitments to society and the environment contribute to the company's performance in the long term while strengthening its contribution as a responsible player. The cooperative group Tereos is a union of 12,000 farmers and has recognized know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane and cereals. The long-term vision of Tereos is to fully exploit the value of agricultural raw materials and develop quality products.

Hamlet Protein

Hamlet Protein promotes health, welfare and performance of farm livestock through soy-based specialty proteins for young animal feed.

Around the world, their products are known to deliver an efficient, high quality source of vegetable protein with a strong return on investment.

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